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What is Cosmetic and Oculoplastic Surgery?

Oculoplastic surgery is an ophthalmic subspecialty that addresses cosmetic and reconstructive concerns of the eyelids, the lacrimal (tear) system, and the eye socket. Injuries, congenital defects, infections, tumors, diseases and aging can all affect the eyelids and the surrounding tissues, causing pain, eye damage, disfigurement and vision loss. Delray Eye Associates, P.A. is proud to have Dr. Jan Kronish providing oculofacial and reconstructive surgery for our patients.

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Oculofacial Surgery for Reconstructive Purposes

Reconstructive oculofacial surgery can be used to repair eyelid disorders such as ptosis (droopy eyelids), sagging (ectropion) or in-turning (entropion) of the lower eyelids, orbital and facial bone fractures, blocked tear ducts, excessive tearing, and tumors around the eyes and elsewhere on the face. To learn more, please visit the respective pages below or call Delray Eye Associates, P.A. at (561) 498-8100 or (561) 734-0267.

Eyelid Disorders

The eyelids play an essential role in protecting the eyes from a range of environmental factors, physical injury and bacteria. They also help spread moisture over the surface of the eyes, thereby preventing dryness and irritation. An eyelid disorder may impair the important function of the lids, thereby causing discomfort and affecting both the aesthetics and visual acuity of the eyes.

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Tear Duct Disorders

The eye’s tear ducts, also called the nasolacrimal ducts, are small tubes that stretch from the outside of the eye into the nose. They are responsible for carrying tears away from the eyes into the nasal cavity, where they naturally are absorbed or eventually swallowed. An obstructed tear duct can cause problems such as excessive tearing and eye infections. It can be present at birth or acquired through infection, inflammation or eye diseases. In some cases, an obstructed tear duct can also be age-related or a result of a physical injury to the eye.

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Orbital Disorders

The orbit (eye socket) is the cone-shaped bony cavity in which the eyes are situated. It is padded with fatty tissue and contains eye muscles, nerves, glands and cavities, all of which play important roles in eye function and health. The eye socket can be affected by a range of orbital disorders, including inflammation, tumors, systemic diseases, congenital disorders and physical injuries.

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Oculofacial Surgery for Cosmetic Purposes

In addition to surgeries for reconstructive issues, at Delray Eye Associates, P.A. we offer advanced surgical procedures and minimally invasive treatments to address aesthetic concerns. Through eyelid surgery, we can remove extra skin and fat from the upper eyelids and reduce the appearance of bags beneath the eyes. We can also correct malpositioned eyelids, such as retracted lids, and deformities that result from previous cosmetic eyelid surgery. With brow lift, we can lift droopy brows and minimize forehead creases. Facial lines and wrinkles that form as a result of aging, frowning and/or sun damage can be treated with minimally invasive cosmetic procedures offered in our office, including Botox and dermal fillers. These products may reduce wrinkles for a period of time, and treatment may be repeatable.

Why choose Delray Eye Associates, P.A. for Oculofacial Surgery?

Dr. Kronish is widely recognized as a leading expert with years of experience in reconstructive and aesthetic procedures of the eyes and the surrounding area. Please see Dr. Kronish’s bio for full details on his training and qualifications. If you would like to schedule a one-on-one consultation or learn more about your treatment options, please call us at (561) 498-8100 or (561) 734-0267 .

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